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Gaopeng & Partners Shanghai Office Assists the Brand Development of Yangtze River Delta Region

2018-5-4 17:02:13

    The first China Yangtze River Delta (Shanghai) Brand Expo was opened in Shanghai on April 28, 2018. As the legal consultant of the organizer of the expo – Professional Committee of Brand Development of the Forum for the Coordination of Urban Economy of the Yangtze River Delta Region, Gaopeng & Partners Shanghai Office provided full legal services to the expo.

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    Region alongside the Qiantang River has been prosperous since the ancient time. Now, Yangtze River Delta Region is playing an important role in the strategy of building a world-class urban agglomeration which faces the world, radiates Asia-Pacific Region and leads the high-level development of Chinese cities. In order to form an integrated urban agglomeration development pattern, develop the linkage effect between metropolises, first-tier cities, prefecture-level cities and towns and build a symbiotic relationship of interdependence and intertwinement between cities and cities as well as regions and regions, the core measure is to break the local protection and market barrier while promoting a full circulation among talents, capital and technologies through emphasizing the leading power of brand to finally form an integrated economic development pattern featured by “all areas are intertwined” in Yangtze River Delta Region.

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    After 40 years of reform and opening up, this expo is not only a demonstration of fruitful results of economic development in Yangtze River Delta Region which is the origin of market-oriented economy, but also the embodiment of great achievements of the brand development which is the important symbol of “soft power” of enterprises in the area. Exhibitors not only include companies from Shanghai and Zhejiang, but also contain several cities in Anhui in the radiation area of Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone. Over 300 renowned brands were exhibited at the first exposition.

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    Gaopeng & Partners Shanghai Office controlled various potential legal risks throughout the expo, for example, it carried out careful search, review and revision on legal documents such as the cooperative agreements signed between the organizer and participants in the preparatory stage of expo so as to eliminate the potential legal risks in the bud. Through a comprehensive analysis and accurate positioning, Gaopeng & Partners issued professional legal advice on major legal matters and sent lawyers to serve participants during the expo to realize a face-to-face communication while patiently answering questions of legal consulting to achieve a seamless connection between legal demand and solution channel.


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