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Delegation of ISFL, ECUPL Led by Dean Han Qiang and Secretary Zhu Xiaoping Visits the Shanghai Office of Gaopeng & Partners

2018-4-16 13:15:34

    In the afternoon of April 3, 2018, a delegation from the International School of Financial Law (ISFL) of East China University of Political Science and Law (ECUPL) that consists of Dean Han Qiang, Secretary Zhu Xiaoping, Deputy Dean Ding Yong, Deputy Dean Zheng Xiaolei, scientific secretary Yang Wen, as well as graduate and undergraduate representatives paid a visit to the Shanghai Office of Gaopeng & Partners for investigational study. Director Xie Xiangyang of the Shanghai Office, as well as partners including Lawyer Zhu Yan, Lawyer Wang Huan, Lawyer Zheng Xiaoxiao, and Lawyer Wang Lili extended their warm welcome and held a colloquium with the delegation.


    Director Xie and Lawyer Zhu illustrated the development, line of business, business philosophy, and major achievements of the Shanghai Office, and Dean Han also introduced the profile, development planning and features of ISFL, highlighting its goal of training versatile talents competent in law, finance and English language. Staff of Gaopeng & Partners present at the event spoke highly of those elite graduates from ECUPL who are now working for Gaopeng & Partners, recognizing the practicalness and foresight of ISFL with respect to its disciplines design and talents cultivation. Moreover, ECUPL leaders present at the event also looked forward to the cooperation with Gaopeng & Partners in the design and implementation of stage-based talents cultivation programs. During their communication, both sides found some common ground and complementary features in their respective operating philosophies, talent cultivating targets, as well as the industry-university-research cooperation, and agreed that each side will designate a liaison to facilitate the future substantial cooperation including signing cooperation framework agreements and instituting an internship base.


    In a good atmosphere, lawyers of Gaopeng & Partners cordially answered students’ questions on recruitment criteria of law firms, the choice of business fields, lawsuit and non-litigation issues etc. 

    In the end, Dean Han, on behalf of ISFL, ECUPL, presented the publications of ISFL professors to the Shanghai Office of Gaopeng & Partners.


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