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Business Risk Control Conference of Gaopeng & Partners Held in Yangzhou Office


    From Jan. 20 to Jan. 21, Gaopeng & Partners held a communication colloquium on the issue of business risk control in Yangzhou Office. Members of supervision group of Gaopeng & Partners and delegates of Shanghai Office, Tianjin Office, Nanjing Office, Hangzhou Office, Yangzhou Office, Taizhou Office and Shenzhen Office which is under construction attended the conference. 

    At the conference, Lawyer Tan Yajun, the delegate of the supervision group, briefed the use of OA system by head office and sub offices, emphasized the importance of reviewing the conflict of interest between the head office and sub offices, put forward some problems found in supervision recently and required offices to make corrections. Delegates of sub offices concluded their work in 2017 with the key point of how to well manage the business risk control and proposed some expectations for the work in 2018. 

    Lawyer Xie Xiangyang of Shanghai Office said, “Shanghai Office will take the development as its core business principal to promote the standardization, enhancement and the management of risk control.” Lawyer Zhou Weibin of Tianjin Office summed up the development of Tianjin Officer over the year and put forward his own opinion about the development space. Lawyer Cao Li of Nanjing Office concluded the condition of Nanjing Office from four aspects including publicity, personnel structure, case-handling process and business revenue. Lawyer Diao Chenglu of Yangzhou Office and Taizhou Office introduced the work of risk control in 2017 including business revenue and personnel structure, Lawyer Li Li of Hangzhou Office emphasized the Blue Ocean Strategy of the office in 2018. Lawyer Zheng Shaokeng, the delegate of Shenzhen Office which is under construction, discussed and exchanged opinions on various issues in professional fields with other delegates. 

    During the conference, in response to the new situation of “the integration of the Yangtze River Delta Region”, delegates of Shanghai, Nanjing, Yangzhou and Taizhou Offices conducted an in-depth research on the issue of a close cooperation. At the conclusion of the conference, Hu Lianping, Director of head office in Beijing, made a concluding speech. Hu emphasized the necessity and importance of business risk control, required all offices to strictly control the risks and carefully use OA system, therefore, the whole process from the registering to the settlement could be controlled, which could implement the risk control work in daily business, establish a quality awareness of “Excellent Gaopeng & Partners” and strive to achieve work with zero risk. 


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