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Lawyer Zhang Zheng Participated in Cross-Strait Legal Practice Exchange Activities


    On the morning of September 22, 2017, the third cross-strait legal practice seminar was held by the Taiwan Jurist Association, the Beijing Law Society and the College of Law, National Taipei University in the Feiyuan lecture hall, New Taipei campus of Taipei University. Mr. Huang Yiteng, Director of the Legal Affairs Department, New Taipei City, and Mr. Zhang Zheng, senior partner of our legal office, co-chaired the second unit of seminar, i.e. the seminar of civil and commercial arbitration. Experts and scholars from cross-strait universities and practical departments launched a heated discussion centering on innovative ways of resolving disputes. This seminar attracted and gathered a large number of guests who exchanged ideas, and achieved the desired results. During this period in Taiwan, Zhang Zheng also visited the Chinese Arbitration Association, Taipei, law societies in Taichung and Kaohsiung, etc.; he visited the Kaohsiung local court and attended trial of a criminal case, and had a better understanding of the operation mode of the judicial architecture in Taiwan.

    Another piece of news: On September 19, 2017, Zhang Zheng attended the seventh Greater China Arbitration Forum held at the Dongfang Hotel in Guangzhou. More than 1,400 arbitrators from Mainland China, Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong as well as Malaysia, Singapore attended in this grand event, writing a new chapter together in commercial arbitration undertaking in the Greater China Region (Chinese circle).


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